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New Mexico Sunset Female portrait
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Video Portfolio

John Lore was a fantastic photographer to work with! He really took his time to adjust lighting and poses to make sure we had the best family photos! He was very flexible to work with and gave our family freedom to pick creative backgrounds!
We loved working with John Lore. His creative eye catches the personality of each person and draws out the beauty of the surroundings. We did an outdoor fall session and I had so many beautiful options for holiday gifts and cards!
We were so grateful to have John Lore's help with us to support our marketing efforts at Branksome Hall Asia. John has a tremendous talent and is able to capture incredible moments that can then be shared within the broader community.

S1H 001 Proctor Family 31 WEB.jpg
Trom Proctor - STL Events Coordinator

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Phil Brown- ICL President

Booking and Pricing

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Custom Portraits - Commercial Modeling
Packages start at $300

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Family & Lifestyle Portraits
Packages start at $300

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Packages start $200

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Totally biased but she's my favorite model. So lucky she's my wife too!
Another image from my vintage signature portrait series!
I don’t have many photos from my childhood as many of you may know what I mean. The 80s were a good time. You took a photo and you had to wait for that film to get developed. Remember getting your prints from a roll of film? It was like Christmas. Me 5 years old. Photo by my dad George Lore.
I went to #shutterfest2024 here in stl. They had shooting bays and up walks @_hannah.m1stler_ and we begin the session. She says “hey, I could fling this fabric.” Good call Hannah. This image is part of my signature vintage series. Stay tuned for more!
Remember the original? I edited it to make it more like my other signature portraits. What do you think?
Imagine having a rad portrait of yourself like this hanging on your moms wall? Much cooler than my old photos still floating around with a bowl cut and glasses! Maybe tomorrow I'll show you mine...🤣 Contact me to day to get your signature portrait! #stl #stlphotographer #customportraits
Excited to share another one of my signature portraits! Book now to get yours. #stl #stlphotographer #customportraits
This is a throwback to Albuquerque! I loved shooting portraits next to the duck pond! #stl #stlphotographer #customportraits
Check out my new fine art portraits! They are inspired by the quality of light and other elements from Baroque art. Contact me and get yours today! #stl #stlphotographer #customportraits
You'll be seeing more of my work in this magazine! I've been invited to be a part of the Sophisticated Living publication!
One of my favorite ways to support St. Louis schools is to donate photo sessions for auctions and trivia nights. It's so simple and it helps our communities so much! Had a great time at New City School's Pure Imagination Auction!
My senior pics were never this cool!
This guy has such an amazing future ahead! We're honored we could do his senior portraits before he heads off to college soon.
I got to capture 3 generations of amazing ladies in one shot! What a great present to pass down through the family! Contact me today to book your session!
What a fun couple. These two had us laughing the whole shoot.
All the best conversations happen on the playground. Contact me today to capture your schools special moments!
Is there anywhere more magical than a library filled with stories?
Got to love leadership that joins you on the floor for circle time!
Centers time was always one of my favorite parts of the day when I was a preschool teacher in China. So happy to capture these moments for New City School!
Behind the scenes
Home and things just like it #albumcover #portraitphoto ##umbrella #stlouismo
On the streets of San Francisco

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